Sunday, September 23, 2007

We Closed On Our House


We closed on our house on Friday. It is our first home buying experience so needless to say it was interesting. We signed a TON of papers and it was very painful handing that check over at the end. However, we are now first time HOMEOWNERS!!!

We move in the 29th which gives us one week to get the older home ready to go. We thought that would be enough time. A little under two days later we are now horrified at how not ready the house will be on move in day. I mean, it is in good shape, nothing needs to be done. These are things we want to be done. We also tried to be optimistic and only wanted to get the living room, dining room and master bedroom ready.

For the past two days we have pulled out six rooms of carpet and padding. Bagged it and got it ready for the trash. I've been scraping off padding that has rotted and stuck to the hardwood. I thought we would be able to get away with buffing the floors but I'm pretty sure they are going to need refinished. We've also been pulling out staples from the hardwood. Really, how many staples do you need to hold down padding? Apparently at least a million.

We have little sample squares of color painted all over the house trying to decided on paint colors. We did finally make our decisions for three rooms and the hallways: Green lame (metallic & will cost us too much $ but oh well), filtered shade grey, and olive tree.

Even though we've been coming home and falling over exhausted we can already tell the house is going to be beautiful when it is finally ready to go.